Family Floetry Fitness with Shakkoi (now on March 15)

Welcome to Family Floetry Fitness, where fitness meets fun for the whole family! With movements inspired by the Art Gallery, immerse yourself in the rhythm of Afro-Caribbean beats – Soca, Amapiano, Reggae, Afro beats, and more – as we groove through beginner to moderate dance fitness. This family-friendly class is designed for most ages and levels, promoting a healthy lifestyle in a vibrant, inclusive atmosphere. Join us for an energizing experience that blends fitness, self-expression and cultural celebration, making every move a step towards releasing your doubts and stepping out! 

Recommended for ages 8 and up. Registration required. Public: $7.75 +HST (includes general admission), Members: $1.50 +HST (general admission is included in the cost of membership).  This is not a drop-off program, adults must accompany children with their own ticket. 


To register for the program, click here: Family Floetry Fitness with Shakkoi (


Shakkoi aka Need Some Koi is an art practitioner that excels as a three time author, spoken word activist & movement instructor. Through performance, facilitation & community engagement, she possesses a remarkable ability to transcend experiences of power and pain through the mediums of poetry, dance and speech.  
Her artistic journey has graced the platforms of notable school districts, organisations & institutions, such as; The Toronto District School Board, the University of Toronto, Global News, Breakfast Television, the city of Pickering & the Nia Centre for the Arts to name a few. 
Shakkoi's presence is as unique as it is raw, and her inviting demeanour encourages communities to "Release their Doubts & Step Out!" Shakkoi is undeniably an invaluable addition to anyone's life, by using art to understand her own life.  KOI reminds us that we can all benefit from a touch of Kindness On Impact. With a wealth of experiences to share, everyone Need's Some Koi in their lives! 

3/15/2024 11:00 AM - 12:00 PM
PAMA 9 Wellington Street East Brampton L6W1Y1